Welcome to Apollo Resort Art

Hotel in Kyparissia, Messinia Greece

Our Hotel is found in the Farmaka-Kartelas district of Kyparissia, approximately 1.5 km from the town centre. It lies within an extensive olive grove, approximately 200 metres from the 'Trypes' beach and the site of the ancient Temple of Apollo.

The Apollo Hotel is the second hotel in Kyparissia owned by the Christodoulou family. It dramatically represents our families seventy year old tradition of promoting quality accommodation, local tourism and the diverse nature of our beautiful environment. At the Apollo Hotel we take great pride in providing our guests with a quality of service that is both efficient and personal in nature.

10 reasons to choose Apollo Resort Art hotel for your stay

1. We are a small family hotel and not an impersonal one.

Our staff is always available for your convenience and always with a smile on their face!

2. We are a 'green' hotel since we have adoptadopted environmentally friendly practices.

3. We have excellent and 24 hour service in our modern recently renovated facilities

4. The quality is consistent with the prices, but mostly the service - money ratio is not only fair

but "an exchange in abundance"

5. The building and the facilities are located in a quiet environment and close to the beach

which many still consider as "virgin"

6. We respect families with children and have facilities for the occupation

of our little friends

7. Cleanliness is one of our fundamental principles

8. In our hotel you will find delicious Mediterranean cuisine and Greek specialties

9. We support local products and use them at breakfast and several meals

10. We have artistic concerns. We are an art hotel!